Ask Yourself These Three Questions

  1. Would you like to be financially secure AFTER your athletic career?
  2. Would you like to live a quality of life you can maintain AFTER your professional athletic career has ended?
  3. Can you say for certain that you will NOT be one of the 78%?

Our Approach

THE COACHES BOOTH demonstrates the value of seeing life’s playing field from the perspective of “The Booth”. This vantage point allows a coach to see the “big picture” and to initiate changes, if necessary, to the game plan to give his team the best chance of winning!
We start by spending significant time with the athlete in order to learn as much as possible about him – his current and long-term goals, his strengths (and weaknesses), his background, his family, etc., in order to help him develop a “game plan” tailored specifically for him.
We are NOT a substitute for the many professionals on whom the athlete must rely, i.e. agent, attorney, accountant, publicist, pr/marketing, financial planner. Rather, our approach is to work with athletes and their trusted advisors and family to make sure the individual’s “team” is working together as a cohesive unit.

We have nothing to sell but sound professional advice -

we will not handle investments, prepare tax returns, sell insurance or other financial products or prepare estate plans. We will NOT accept or participate in any commission or fee-sharing arrangements with other professionals. In so doing, we will maintain complete independence, with the current and future well-being of our client our sole concern.